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Drug Free Pakistan Foundation (DFPF) was established as a Non-Profit Organization in 2009, with the aim of creating a workforce of young, emerging leaders, capable of brining positive, sustainable, measurable and lasting change in society.

The organization upholds a comprehensive policy and approach to Drug Prevention, Youth Empowerment, Peace and Development, Quality Education, Research, and awareness for Capacity Building.

DFPF is the partner organization of New Horizon Care Centre (NHCC), which has been working since 2001 as the first free-of-cost treatment & rehabilitation center in the country providing free treatment, rehabilitation, after care and follow-up services to needy people with substance use problems.

Patriotism, firm determination, transparency, how to be a good speaker, social work, how to achieve ambitions, how to be a role model, equality, optimism, and how to be a more powerful and impactful citizen – these were some of the key things I learned in this year’s PYC, which I am grateful to be taking back with me to help me both on a personal and professional level.

Neelam Sultana

PYC Candidate, DFPF