3rd PYC

Theme: “Khudi Is Precious”

Date: 4 – 6 June, 2011

Venue: Regent Plaza, Karachi

The 3rd Pakistan Youth Congress was successfully implemented from 4 – 6 June 2011 at Hotel Regent Plaza, Karachi. The theme, “Khudi is precious” was adopted to motivate participants to realize the value of their own selves, where several youth from different cities of Pakistan led the implementation of the 3rd Pakistan Youth Congress through different social action projects.

The sessions conducted at the 3rd PYC aimed and teaching the youth how they can tackle difficult people under different circumstances and how they can establish positive personal relations in their life to overcome obstacles and make the best of any difficult situation. The  importance of traditions in everyday life was also highlighted. Self discovery, self awareness, and leadership with major themes of the session, focusing on how to enhance khudi and benefit the self and others and how to play a significant role for yourself and positively affect the greater good, how to be a winner and develop leadership qualities and strengths was discussed in great detail. Otaaque was another highlight of the conference, in which a detailed discussion was held on the decline of education in Pakistan and how to improve the quality of education and literacy rate in Pakistan, while also learning how to build a strong and cohesive nation on the whole.

Master trainers: 

Syed Nusrat Ali

Antonious Riva Setiawan

Guest Speakers: 

Humair Mumtaz

Ms. Nasreen Jaleel (Former Vice Mayor, Karachi)

Ms. Mary Vargas (Political officer, US Consulate)

Ms. Kishwar Zehra

Mr. Abid Ali Umang

Mr. Sohail Zindani, Absaar Ahmed (Researcher and Writer)

Mr. Najeeb Ajmal (Principal of Group Institutions)

Mr. Anwar Ahmed Zai (Chairman Board of Intermediate Education Karachi)

Mr. Kamran Rizvi (Motivational Speaker)

Mr. Syed Mustafa Kamal

Mr. Faheem Jehanzaib (Public Relations Officer for Rescue 1122 Punjab)

Mr. Yogi Wajahat (Meditation Expert)

Post 3rd PYC 


Following the 3rd PYC, 35 Graduates who had successfully completed and implemented their SMART Projects in their respective areas were further called for post PYC Training themed “Khudi se Aagay!” These young participants were from Karachi, Hyderabad, Nawabshah, Khairpur, Lahore, Quetta, and Chitral. The course outline was smartly designed to cover all the elements. The participants were given knowledge about hard & soft drugs, their ill effects, assessment of drug abuse problem, drug addiction among street kids, strategies of prevention, risk & protective factors, development of IEC material, life skills, peer to peer counselling, and event management.