Awareness Raising Programs

Drug Free Pakistan Foundation (DFPF) organizes community awareness programs (CAP), training workshops, seminars and conferences for the general public, youth, employees, teachers, religious leaders, social workers, police officials and other specific civic groups. These activities are geared towards educating the masses on drug abuse prevention.

Our Objectives

– Increase awareness of community problems that serve as drivers for drug use
– Inform community of existing programs of drug prevention and treatment.
– Empower the community to work together to overcome drug use on the social level
– Explore resources that can be obtained and utilized for drug abuse prevention and drug addiction treatment.
– Promote cooperation between Governmental Organizations GOs and Non-Governmental Organizations NGOs to develop and implement policies and laws that will reduce drug abuse.
Awareness Raising Activities

– Community Awareness programs
– Workshops
– Seminars
– Exhibition/Festivals
– Provision of IEC Materials

Community Awareness programs

In collaboration with DFPF’s parent organization New Horizon Care Center (NHCC), Drug Awareness Programs are organized every Saturday in Karachi to increase awareness of the prevalence of drug use in the city and empower the community to work together to overcome obstacles in treatment and recovery. Volunteers and NHCC outreach team workers collaborate to put together various activities to engage the community, in which an average of 300-400 individuals are benefited.

Training Workshops

In creating a holistic environment, DFPF collaborates with social workers, teachers, police, parents, and community leaders, providing them with workshops and training seminars, in which they are offered the chance to learn practical problem solving when dealing with drug addicted individuals, and participatory methodologies in helping to prevent substance abuse as a growing problem. Being provided with a non-threatening, emphatic, open, and non-judgment environment, participants are encouraged to engage in self-reflection and active discussion to mutually reach solutions for their target group (i.e. students, children, convicts, and the general community).

Together with information and knowledge, our workshops place equal emphasis on developing and practicing skills that enable participants to become active citizens of society working towards an important cause. Since our workshops are need-based, they are tailored according to the needs and requirements of participants.


Seminars are organized in collaboration with other organizations to bring together professionals from various backgrounds and provide a common platform to engage, discuss, and learn from each other. We encourage people to explore available resources and strengthen coordination with each other. DFPF has held seminars on a range of topics such as understanding and preventing drug addiction, drug demand reduction, drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, Life Skills Education, creating drug free workplaces, roles of volunteers in drug prevention, Family Education, parenting skills, and trauma and abuse. Our seminars are aimed at providing new and relevant information, encourage discussion on vital issues and themes on drug abuse and drug addiction.

Outdoor festivals

DFPF takes active part in community festivals and exhibitions to provide information and knowledge about drug abuse, prevention, and treatment, attempting to reach the masses on a broader scale. We aim to break the silence on issues surrounding drug abuse and end the stigma on drug addiction. If you would like for us to participate in an outdoor festival or would like more information on the pamphlets and brochures we distribute at our programs please feel free to contact us.

Information, Education and Communication Materials (IEC)

At DFPF we are continuously developing Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials that provide comprehensive, appropriate and accessible information on Drug Abuse Prevention, including posters, brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, banners and reports. For more information please contact us or visit our publications page.