Drug Free Education Program.

Drug Free Education ProgramĀ  – Drug Free Schools/Colleges/Universities

There are many factors which influence the youth to experiment with drug use, including peer pressure, risk-taking, and attempt to uphold a status-quo. 1 out of every 6 drug users becomes an addict, as a result of abuse and trauma in early childhood, coupled with a genetic predisposition, passed down generation-ally. Understanding that the end result is either jails, institutions, or death, we aim to work closely with schools (both private and government sector) to spread awareness of drug abuse and addiction and the measures taken for prevention.

In our society, schools are the easiest access points for the solicitation of drugs among young children and teenagers, which generally tends to go unnoticed by parents and teachers as they are unaware of what to look for (such as in terms of behavior changes), which ultimately results in drug use becoming drug abuse and then ultimately addiction, which comes with its own set of detrimental consequences.

Services of DFPF in Schools Drug Prevention Program

Conducting research on epidemiology of drug abuse
Teacher Training of Drug Abuse Prevention
Establishing policies on drug screening/testing
Providing Drug Education to schools, colleges, and universities
School Mobilization: Health promotion activities and campaigns
Development, training and monitoring of youth in Educational Institutes
Formation of Anti-Drug youth cells in schools
Students skills development
Life skills training for students and teachers
Parenting skills courses
Social marketing — using mass media to promote health messages
Drug Prevention Competitions
Consultancy & certification of Drug Free Education Institutes