Drug Free Workplace Programs

Drug free workplace program – Preventing Substance Abuse at the Workplace

Chemical dependency or compulsive addictions can dramatically affect an employee’s ability to contribute productively, as high absenteeism becomes a major factor. Employing an addict can prove to be a major liability, and needs to be addressed urgently. While addicts are not to be blamed for their disease, they have to be reminded that although they are not responsible for their addiction they are responsible for their recovery, and until they take that responsibility the organization cannot employ them. In a nutshell, DFPF aims to create a healthy and drug-free work environment, increase the organization’s overall productivity, and enhance personal, interpersonal, and intra-personal skills, all achieved through a variety of training programs.

Our Services

Providing guidance to employers for implementing Drug Free Workplace Program to protect their business from the impact of drug abuse.

The Drug Free Workplace Program is a constructive method for both the management as well as employees to work together to maintain a safe, productive, drug free environment. A drug workplace program generally includes five components

  • Drug-free Workplace Policy
  • Supervisor Training Program
  • Employee Education
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Drug Testing
  • Conducting research on the risk factors of Drug abuse in workplaces.
  • Organizing Awareness Programs on Drug abuse Prevention in Workplaces
  • Providing consultancy services related to drug abuse at Work Place.
  • Certification of Drug Free Workplaces/businesses.