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Monthly Newsletter February – 2019

During this month, Drug Free Pakistan Foundation (DFPF) had successfully implemented a series of workshops on Peace promotion at University of Education (Township Campus and Bank Road Campus, Lahore). The aim of these workshop is to empower and engage the music and drama society of the university. These members of societies will further engage other students from their university on promotion of peace, tolerance and acceptance through music and drama.

Training on Universal Prevention Curriculum, Coordinator Series, Islamabad

Mr. Ahmad Shah (Youth Program Manager-DFPF) participated in training workshop on UPC Course 1 conducted by UNODC Pakistan supported by International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Agency, US Embassy Pakistan. The objectives of this workshop is to train the experts from drug prevention field on updated tracks of UPC. Participants will then be assigned to implement the learnings from this workshop by organizing several trainings on drug prevention keeping in view the knowledge and implementation protocols of this track/course. The intensive 5 day’s training program gathered experts on drug prevention from all over Pakistan in Islamabad.

Student Mobilization

As part of the project DFPF engaged the executive members of music and drama society to mobilize the students in order to promote their societies and upcoming initiatives. With the Vice Chancellor, Director Student Affairs and Faculty Members of UOE portraying significant enthusiasm in the project, the students felt more confident and eager to participate in the activities. In addition to that, the DFPF Engagement Officers remained pro-active on all the campuses, holding corner meetings with students and allaying any confusions/misconceptions they had about the project. The social media fora of UOE and DFPF campaigned tenaciously, resulting in a bulk of student requests for registration. In Project Coordinator’s lead, the team held a meeting with Presidents of Music Society and Dramatics Society of UOE. The meeting gave a fresh perspective with regards to the needs and wants of the students enrolled in those societies. Team DFPF also got an insight into the potential of student artists and the lack of facilities including limited musical instruments, theatrical appliances etc. The Presidents of these Societies were then assigned tasks including providing a database of all the students registered with the societies, enlisting all the available equipment and campaigning for the project by word of mouth before other students. With workshops underway, more students became aware of the importance and significance of the trainings, not just academically but also from a social perspective. Many students registered for participation through google forms and more got inspired by positive reflections from their peers. Furthermore, the engagement officers continued promotional activities both on campus and via social media for ensuring effective campaign outreach.
First 3-Day Training Sessions/Workshops on Peace @ Township Campus University of Educaion Lahore

A 3-day training session/workshop was conducted by Team DFPF on CVE orientation, factors affecting CVE implementation, role of student societies in peace building and realizing CVE strategies through youth mobilization. Renowned trainers having global acknowledgement conducted the training sessions wherein interactive activities and modes of alternate education were adopted and students were encouraged to speak up and share ideas freely. The students also devised their Social Action Projects (SAPs) under the guidance of instructors for effective implementation of the trainings.

Second 3-Day Training Sessions/Workshops on Peace @ Bank Road (Female) Campus University of Educaion Lahore

Parallel to the trainings in Main Campus, similar activities were held at the female campus for ensuring inclusion of female students in the reformative activities. The students were trained on conflict identification, resolution and importance of unified coordination in CVE. Different activities defining non-discrimination, patience and peace development were held to train the students on co-existence and inclusion. Students were introduced the concept of SMART Projects and guided to produce their SAPs in line with that.
Third 3-Day Training Sessions/Workshops on CVE @ Township Campus University of Educaion Lahore

Having heard of the enlightening trainings from their counterparts, many students registered and expressed their interest in undertaking the training sessions. The 3-day workshop in Township Campus was a great success as trainers encouraged the students to debate and expound intricate issues like antagonistic attitudes, hostile behaviors and aggressive/stubborn mindsets underlying conflicts of all kinds. Various activities promoting inclusion, harmony, tolerance and peace-making were also conducted so as to practically impact the cognition of students.
Forth 3-Day Training Sessions/Workshops on CVE@ Bank Road (Female) Campus University of Educaion Lahore

Likewise, the training sessions continued at the female campus; the number of participants reaching to 36. Students attended the workshops zealously and were trained on self-analysis, criteria for formation of perspectives, factors underlying extremist behavior and unlearning cynical approaches for the promotion of non-violent cultures and attainment of an Egalitarian society. The students also prepared their social action projects (SAPs) on bold issues including rape, sectarianism, political extremism, domestic violence, Vani (child marriage as punishment in blood feuds) etc. in line with the SMART goals.
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