PYC Testimonials

1st PYC

It was a great experience to attend the First All Pakistan Youth Congress. The best thing about it was that it had representation of youth from all over Pakistan, Secondly there was learning with Fun and this was the most appreciable part. I presented an Action Plan against drug abuse and represented Karachi. It was a wonderful exposure for all of us and provided a platform to express our ideas, to talk and interact with youngsters from all over Pakistan and from different educational back grounds which was the most wonderful part of the congress. I would preserve this youth congregation among my good memories and will recall it for all times to come. I hope I would be a part of 2nd youth congress too and pray that such congress be arranged in the coming years.

— Hera Zia, Karachi.

When the invitation of the Conference of “First Pakistan Youth Congress” come to my sight while surfing the group of Educate Sindh, I wished to attend the program some how. Before coming to the conference I was thinking of learning new things but it is a reality that the program totally provided me new skills and manifold knowledge. What I learnt I would like to mention it one by one.


On the first day I got or rather I should say I was compelled to digest the information. It was possible through the efforts of the speakers who were very knowledgeable in their different fields. Prior to this I had no such knowledge about the drugs consumption in Pakistan and the world. On the 2nd day it was my good for time to go for outdoor activities I mostly liked the musical program due to the fact that I love music.


On the 3rd day which was very important to me because it was the day of our analysis and feedback which was very tactically drawn from our minds by the trainers/facilitators and I feel it was a testing period of what we experienced and learned through out the two days.


On the whole I feel I have changed for the better and at least a single person in the society has been changed i.e. myself.  Last but not least, I hope you would never forget to remember me in the upcoming conference and hope you would help me in conducting such programs at Hyderabad also.

Mansoor Ali Rind, Hyderabad Sindh.

I represented my province Punjab in the 1st Pakistan youth congress. My experience at PYC has been remarkable and the entire event was great beyond expectations. Not only was it instrumental in guiding us on various forms and means of drugs abuse, it also provided a social networking opportunity for youngsters from all over Pakistan, and better equipped them to work in teams in the war against narcotics. PYC has given us a sense of direction in our struggle for a drugs free Pakistan and I have personally bagged all the energies and motivation for my efforts in this regard. PYC simply rocks!!!!

Hiba Hasan, Islamabad.

2nd PYC 

Pakistan Youth Congress was a changing moment of my life. I participated first time in this type of big event; this is the platform to bring youth together. It has broadened the mental horizons of youth. I learned lot in this program thing like confidence building. I also attended the different sessions such Self Esteem and “How To Be A Winner” etc. In addition to this I also got the opportunity to listen to an International Trainer Mr. Riva. We also got the chance to learn new ideas from famous Pakistani personalities. I received a lot of entertainment in this program like the Cultural Evening etc. At the cultural evening we saw the Pakistani Cultural Heritage in form of Songs, Dancing & Costume. I made lots of new friend. All said & done it was a thoroughly enjoyable & informative experience for all the participants. The theme of this conference was “HUM DUNYA BADALAINGAY” & God willing we will attain this objective soon.

Sufyan Ahmed, Karachi.

It was a pleasure being a part of the 2nd Pakistan Youth Congress. From Day one, I had decided that I was not only going to learn a lot but also enjoy my stay. During the 3 days of the Congress I met many famous personalities and heard motivational Speakers who made me realize a lot of my own potentials. I chose to attend the Session on ‘How To Be A Winner’ conducted by Syed Nusrat Ali, his presentation inspired me. Meeting students from all over Pakistan made me realize how enthusiastic and dedicated our youth is and it is only in need of the right direction and it is a matter of time that we will see this country prosper. During the stay, I made a lot of friends from across the country and exchanged views on many sensitive current issues of our country. Perspectives were different but wishes were the same. We all visualize a similar future for our country and thus the motto of the congress well defines itself ‘Hum Duniya Badlaingay’. All in all it was a good educational trip and a life time experience. I thank the Drug Free Pakistan Foundation for providing me the chance, for being very hospitable during my stay and for giving me friends for a lifetime through the 2nd PYC.

Sara Q Bughio, Jamshoro (Sindh)

My Keynote learning from 2nd Pakistan Youth Congress is that, “Defeat is not when you fall down; it is when you refuse to get up”. After participating in Pakistan Youth Congress I now believe that everyone is capable of choosing their own destiny. To summarize, the sessions delivered during PYC, one can be of the opinion that Students and Youth are the catalysts for the progress of any nation. I declare this Congress a success for the people of NWFP as it changed the perception of the youth coming from other parts of the country who always thought that there is only Drugs and Ammunition culture in Peshawar. PYC is a place where if one goes and comes out without learning any thing than he has no right to live. The three days of PYC determines one’s goals and defines one’s role in society. PYC certainly changes one’s life in a positive way. I have learnt a lot from the congress. I always try to characterize my part in humanity and what I got from the congress and this was achieved due to Drug Free Pakistan. I as a thanking note also want to declare here that my next project will be run under the banner of Drug Free Pakistan as due to them I know about my strengths and my responsibilities”.

Nadeh Ali Peshawar (N.W.F.P)

This was very nice event full of learning .I learnt a lot about Life Skills, Leader ship, How to be a Winner & many more thing which I really liked in this event was the real life stories of different people on how they faced difficulties and became leaders & achieved their dreams. Over all every thing was managed by the management team & they supported me very well. Every one was doing his work efficiently. The thing which I will never forget is 50lac, 75billion & 22.5trillion. They were the golden days of my life & I will never forget them. At the end I am very thankful of DFPF that they provide me such a wonderful opportunity and I hope I will be in 3rd PYC as well.

Jan Mohammad, Quetta Balochistan.

7th PYC

Patriotism, firm determination, transparency, how to be a good speaker, social work, how to achieve ambitions, how to be a role model, equality, optimism, and how to be a more powerful and impactful citizen – these were some of the key things I learned in this year’s PYC, which I am grateful to be taking back with me to help me both on a personal and professional level.

— Neelam Sultana 

PYC was the best exposure in my entire life – it made me understand how to overcome the problems we encounter in our lives. It taught me new skills and empowered me to enhance my potential to a higher level. The training sessions not only opened new opportunities and doors for me, but also opened new thinking avenues in my mind.

Suriya Jabeen

This was my first time attending PYC, and I truly found it to be a wonderful opportunity. I learned a lot of new things that I didn’t know before and didn’t have access to either. The sessions were truly inspiring and motivational. I learned that there is nothing I can do and that nothing in life is impossible. I feel like I can fulfil my dreams and I never have to give up. I can keep going!

Shumaila Sahab