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From 16th August till 21st August 2017 a 5 day teachers’ training was organized by DFPF with the support of the office of DMC Central – Education Karachi. The training trained around 20 teachers from the target area i.e. North Nazimabad, Paposhnagar and Paharganj. The core objective of this training was to create a pool of trainers who can conduct training programs on Engaging Young People in Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation thus Countering Violent Extremism in their communities and vicinities.

The lead trainers of the Training were Andeel Ali – Content Manager DFPF and Ahmad Shah – Program Manager DFPF, three experts i.e. Dr. Salman Shahzad – Professor at Institute of Clinical Psychology – University of Karachi, Rana Asif Habib – Director Initiator Human Development Foundation and Rashid Khan – Chief Executive Officer at Visionary Foundation Pakistan, were also invited to share their experience and inspire the teachers to engage in community development and peace activism.

The teachers really appreciated the training program and said that it really helped them in understanding the core concepts of human rights, peace, humanitarianism, active citizenship and this will surely help them in countering, direct, structural, cultural violence and violent extremism on personal and professional levels.

The teachers properly absorbed knowledge, exhibited change in behavior and showcased newly acquired skills in the activities that were conducted on daily basis. The teachers also vowed to establish Peace Clubs in their institutions ASAP and showed interest in attending advance level of training on similar topics.

The office of District Municipal Corporation and Education Department North Nazimabad Zone, played a very active role in designing the schedule of the training and assured on daily basis that all the teachers selected to attend the training actually attended the training.

Mr. Faiz, Director Education and Mr. Amir Deputy Director Education lauded the efforts of DFPF’s Planning & Development, Training and Content Development Department on designing such a thorough and useful training program and implementing it so smoothly. They offered their full cooperation in implementing future activities related to this and other projects of DFPF.

Training Manual

 Training Report


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