Our Team

Farheen Naveed
Founder & Director
Farheen Naveed is the founding Director and Trainer at Drug Free Pakistan Foundation, a pioneer organization in the field of drug abuse prevention and Life Skills Based Education in Pakistan. She has several years of experience in drug treatment, rehabilitation and prevention. Her story of stepping in the field was a result of her direct contact with drug addiction in her family – it was her father’s addiction that urged her to dedicate herself to the field of Drug Demand Reduction.
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M.Sohail Younus
Muhammad Sohail Younus is the President of Drug Free Pakistan Foundation, along with being the older brother of Shaheed Muhammad Naveed Younus. He is a businessman who embraced the organization in the time of despair. Since he joined the organization as Honorary President of DFPF, his mission is to fulfill the noble cause of his Shaheed brother with higher dedication and hard work.
Capt.Amanullah Khan
Program Manager
Captain Muhummad Amanullah Khan is a graduate commercial pilot from U.S.A. He has served on Governor of Baluchistan's V.I.P. Aircraft and with M/S Marathon Petroleum Limited, an International Oil Exploration Company of U.S.A. He is currently working in Pakistan and has experience of flying local and international routes. He also has intensive experience in different fields including sales promotion, administrative management, entrepreneurial management, automobile engineering and marine engineering.
Naveed Iqbal
Planning & Development Manager
Naveed Iqbal is young and energetic and having a vision of unique and intellective trainings. He is currently studying Business Studies from Karachi University, while also having experience in event management from KASBIT University, Karachi. He was awarded Best Volunteer Award at the 2nd Pakistan Youth Congress. According to him every training and conferences should be intellectual and can create a positive change among the youth, he always has an affirmative approach regarding his job which is reflected through his work. He always approaches each situation with creativity and always has something new to bring to the table. He lives by the slogan “don’t be serious be sincere!”
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Ahmad Shah
Youth Coordinator
Ahmad has been nominated in a number of international youth initiatives, including: 3rd Great Anatolian Meeting of the World Cultures & Youth International Delphic Festival and 6th & 8thAsian Youth Congress. He is an Emerging Leader of Pakistan Fellow of the South Asia Center of the Atlantic Council, Washington DC, USA. He also visited Kabul on the request of the Colombo Plan as a Resource person for the 1st Afghan Youth Congress, where he helped deliver skills to Afghan youth to help curb narcotics use.
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Muhammad Ali
IT Specialist
Muhammad Ali holds a Bachelors in Computer Sciences from Preston University, Karachi. He is a multimedia specialist, having 10 years of experience in networking, print and electronic media and media related matters, and PC hardware (assembling and troubleshooting) and software (installation and operations). His basic work experiences are related to Networking & Hardware. Other experiences (Publications, Designing, Production, Estimation and Client Handling)
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Andeel Ali
Content Manager
A Behavior Change Communicator by Education, a Philomath by Passion and he is aspired to become a Philosopher! He is currently working, as the Content Manager at Drug Free Pakistan Foundation and has previously worked with Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors, Alif Ailaan, Youth Parliament of Pakistan and United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. He holds over nine years of experience in the developmental sector and he excels in designing and implementing conferences, trainings and behavior-change-communication programs.
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Ayaz Afzal
Program Facilitator
Ayaz holds a Bachelors in Commerce from Karachi University. He has attended several national and international trainings programs and has also received training by the Colombo Plan Training on Drug Demand Reduction. In the efforts of making an event successful, he always plays a vital role, utilizing his wide range of experience in various domains, and always bringing creativity to the event. In organizing and managing an event he always works with a positive attitude.
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