Who is DFPF?

Drug Free Pakistan Foundation (DFPF) established as a Non-Profit Organization in 2009 with the aim to create a workforce of young emerging leaders capable of bringing positive, sustainable, measurable and lasting change in the society. The organization upholds a comprehensive policy and approach to Drug Prevention, Youth Empowerment, Peace and Development, quality education, research, and awareness for Capacity Building. DFPF is the partner organization of New Horizon Care Centre (NHCC), which has been working since 2001 as the first free-of-cost treatment & rehabilitation center in the country providing free treatment, rehabilitation, after care and follow-up services to needy people with substance use problem.

From its’ headquarter in Karachi, Pakistan DFPF provides technical support, educational materials, advice, counseling and coordination to nationwide network of its volunteers. DFPF works with youth, educators, and parents of school children, personnel of law enforcement agencies and NGOs and individuals who are in pursuit of the same mission. DFPF has vast experience in organizing training programs to all segments of society by implementation of comprehensive Youth Empowerment Programs, Community Empowerment Programs, training programs for Law Enforcement officials to strengthen their role and responsibilities in Peace Development, Life Skills Training programs in educational institutes (schools, colleges and universities).

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Sir Naveed for FB

Shaheed Muhammad Naveed Younus was a man of dignity who sacrificed his life for the noble cause of making Pakistan a Drug Free state. In recognition of his services, the Government of Pakistan awarded him the “Presidential Award of Bravery” (Tamgha-e-Shuja’at).

Shaheed Naveed was born on 22 February, 1964 in Karachi, Pakistan. Apart from being a well-known businessman in the chemical and dye industry and in clearing & forwarding trades for a quarter of a decade, he was also an avid philanthropist, lending a hand to society at large in various ways: providing food and water where resources were scarce, helping widows, children, and wrongfully convicted felons. In 2002, as he noticed the growing population of untreated and homeless drug addicts in the streets, he contacted the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) for their treatment. In response, the ANF authorities motivated Mr. Naveed to open his own rehabilitation center for drug addiction treatment, rather than referring them to an already existing facility.

Naveed took up this suggestion with passion, with the aim to provide free drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation to the 5 million neglected drug addicts in Pakistan that comprise the population.

In June 2002 Naveed, with the support his business community and ANF, established New Horizons Care Center (NHCC), the first official 100% free-of-cost treatment center in Pakistan, catering to the lower socio-economic sector who could not afford standard primary care. Initially it was designed to accommodate 30 beds, which although seemed to be a low number considering the number of individuals that required treatment, it was a start.

The facility started to expand gradually in order to accommodate more patients. Today, NHCC has four running treatment centers including (1) New Horizons Care Center, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi (2) Shaheed Naveed Younus Center, Landhi, Karachi (3) Shaheed Naveed Younus Center, Central Jail, Karachi and (4) Shaheed Naveed Younus Center, Wazirabad, Punjab. In addition, NHCC also runs 21 booths and outreach centers all over Karachi for follow-ups for recoveries, and also provides self-help groups, working as peer recovery support, family support, and community support. NHCC has also been working on the treatment and rehabilitation of women and street children and HIV prevention, among other projects.

In 2009, the continually increasing problem of drug addiction was taken into consideration and hence Drug Free Pakistan Foundation (DFPF) was established – the sister organization of NHCC geared towards promoting strategies and policies for drug abuse prevention as a means of reducing illicit drug use and drug-related crimes. DFPF aims to achieve these goals through enhancing positive attitudes, improving life skills, and empowering individuals to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle, developing healthy bonds and connections, and providing the necessary skills and resources at individual and group levels that foster recovery. DFPF also aims to promote a drug-free environment, and upholds a comprehensive approach to drug issues, which includes prevention, education, advocacy, research, capacity building and awareness raising.

Naveed had earned the title of International Speaker in the field of drug abuse, representing Pakistan in several countries, including the United States, Austria, Peru, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Indonesia, Maldives, Thailand, Bangkok, and Brunei. He was also the member of Asian Cities against Drugs. He established several anti-drug forums in Pakistan, including Friends of Anti-Narcotics Pakistan, Teachers against Drug Abuse, and Islamic Scholars against Drug Abuse. He was the 1st Pakistani from South East Asia elected as Vice President of Asian Federation of Therapeutic Communities.

Shaheed Muhammad Naveed Younus always built our country’s positive image at an international level and his motivation and dedication in the field of drug demand reduction was exceptional. He had close associations with those suffering from the disease of addiction, and took several initiatives to help improve their lives. He remained outspoken while addressing the drug abuse issue of Pakistan.

He was a think-tank who possessed the greatest quality of a leader, the ability to empower others into position of leadership. His passing is not only the loss of our organizations, but a loss for the whole nation, because people like him are born in decades. His name will be written with golden words in the History Inshaa-Allah and his mission will continue to live.